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October 16, 2015

Emakina and MyWay win two Mixx Awards for black(e-)mail campaign

Posted by Luc Malcorps

My Way and Emakina were honoured with two two prestigious awards at the annual IAB MIXX ceremony in Brussels last night.


Part of the Emakina My Way team on stage receiving their Gold Mixx

The humorous friendly/ aggressive My Way black(e-)mail campaign received a Gold MIXX award from the Creative Development Jury for ‘Best Use of Bannering’. And the celebration continued with the Digital Campaign Jury joining in with a Silver award for ‘Best Digital B2C campaign’.

In 2013, Emakina already won a Silver Award with another D’Ieteren Group member, Audi Import, for the the AUDI A3 Berline campaign. Today, the success story continues with the splendid My Way black(e-)mailing campaign.


Emakina’s Jens Standaert and Sven Houben all smiles, with Mixx host Ray Cokes

“How do you start the conversation between young adults
and their parents
about buying a first car?”

My Way challenged Emakina with this tough question, on the minds of many young people today. They seem to have one single purpose in life: getting their parents to do what they want! The creative team started from this observation, to develop a bold idea of using retargeting banners with humourous threats.

The kids’ begging and threatening was translated for the first time ever into an online inescapable black(e-)mail and bannering, in a few easy steps. The youths were invited to a website where they completed a short form, launching the friendly stalking of mom or dad.

The use of retargeting bannering with Google Doubleclick tools definitely were game-changers. The art direction and the tone of voice touched both parents and their young adult children. The website, emails, banners, social and PR-campaign maintained coherence throughout the whole campaign.


How far would you go to get a car from mom or dad?

Hide the fish!

In team with Semetis, Google’s Doubleclick tools were pushed to the limit in a totally new way, fully capturing the targets’ attention.

Kids could choose one of five funny and harmless threats, such as: ‘I’m cleaning the toilet bowl with your toothbrush!’ or ‘ I’m going to make sushi of the goldfish!’. These challenges then appeared in their parents’ mailbox, first as a friendly warning, with the suggestion to take the car question seriously. if they did not visit the My Way website as suggested, retargeting cookies were glued on their landing page. And the threat would follow their daily Internet routine, pushing them to give in with fully personalised banners.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 16.19.03

Another threat: cleaning the toilet with your toothbrush!

Smashing results
The mini-site quickly generated more than 30.000 unique visitors and brought over 35.000 visits to

This bold concept sparked a very animated discussion on Facebook, where more than 540.000 contacts were reached by one double ad (FR/NL) and hundreds of users argued lively about the whole concept. As icing on the cake, the campaign was object of articles in national newspapers, reaching more than 2,500.000 people.

Congratulations to our great client My Way, first-class in second-hand cars … and together with Emakina’s winning team also in its digital campaigns to support that message!

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