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November 22, 2016

Emakina shows new VR experience at Digital First

Posted by Luc Malcorps

Being there

Digital is at the heart of what we do at Emakina Group. Yet sometimes, being there in real life is important as well…
So, at Digital First in Brussels’ Tour & Taxis the people of both Emakina.BE and The Reference feel as a fish in the water. It’s their scene, where stands, start-ups, speed-dates and top speakers create a powerful mix.

 dmf-presentationsDigital First is a magnet for talent and ideas – photo: DMF

A new VR experience: Everything we touch becomes digital

‘Boost your digital transformation’ was this year’s slogan at Digital First.
‘Perfect!’, said the team of Emakina.BE, as they showcased this idea in a striking and fun way on their stand. The 3D printed lion backdrop claimed the spotlight, with its giant digitized visual, with not one but 53 integrated images, fine-tuned and united by Emakina’s designer, creating a remarkable animated depth effect.

The VR demo symbolically shows Emakina’s ability
to digitally transform your environment to empower your action.

Visitors were then introduced to the in-house produced VR experience for HTC Vive, in which literally ‘Everything you touch becomes digital’.

You become a lion or a bear, and with your mighty paw, you throw spheres of light and energy towards objects and people around you. When the energy hits the objective, it becomes a digitized reality. As a nice extra touch, the people in this VR experience all were body-scanned Emakina colleagues.

Exit dumb phones, enter the real smart phone

The Reference’s Thomas De Vos shared some insights on the fast-moving world of mobile experiences. The Innovation Manager and Mobile Business Consultant explained that the new generation of mobile apps is all about artificial and contextual intelligence. So (at last) we can expect our ‘dumb phone’ to soon grow into a real smart phone.

‘Your mobile device will know you better than your mother and complain less than your better half”!’ says Thomas, with a smile.

thomas_de_vosThomas De Vos paints a picture of mobile in the near future

User Equity, you say?

 Emakina’s Aline Durand, Head of Emakina/Insights, zoomed in on digital transformation in a more formal way. She introduced Emakina’s User Equity model during a sold-out presentation. Her message was both urgent and powerful. As a creator of transformative user experiences, you must place all users – customers, citizens, employees, partners – at the heart of all you do.

aline_dfAline Durand introduces Emakina’s User Equity model

Only when you deliver rich experiences for all relevant target audiences you can remain relevant and valuable. But how do you start? By being agile, and really listen to your users. Aline Durand’s message is clear: evaluate the ROI of your digital transformation, and build your activities from that vantage point – or loose relevance.

Once more, this was a fine edition of Digital First,
with a lot of truly interested participants,
positive contacts, fun and new insights.
And a great stage to show how we can create
transformative user experiences that change
how you do business in a digital world.



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