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November 30, 2017

Digital Proust Questionnaire: all articles

Posted by Thomas Halter

For those of you who enjoy this series of articles featuring Emakina Group’s Managing Directors, and want to discover the people behind the function, we gathered them all here! Enjoy the read!

  1. Nicolas Borgis (Emakina.FR)
  2. David Bredael (Emakina.BE)
  3. Anja Cappelle (The Reference)
  4. Yoldaş Ertuğrul (Emakina.TR)
  5. Gerhard Handler (Emakina.AT)
  6. Jeroen Huys (Design is Dead)
  7. Elsa Nejman (Your Agency*)
  8. Pierre Pôlet (Emakina.BE)
  9. Seth van der Maas (Emakina.NL)
  10. Sjoerd van Gelderen (Emakina.NL)
  11. Joel Wahlström (Emakina.SE)
  12. Thierry Willer (Emakina.CH)