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NRJ Startup winner creates Mario Kart in real life

Emakina loves creativity, entrepreneurship and tech innovation. So when NRJ radio invited our CEO Brice Le Blévennec to join the jury of their Startup initiative, he did not have to to think twice. The theme of the NRJ Startup competition was ‘Projects to rock your everyday life’. And that’s what the participants delivered. No less […]

48 hours of EmHackinathon concentrated in 2 minutes (video)

The hackathon Emakina organized with Microsoft Internet of Things a few weeks ago was a real success, as we already wrote about (click to check out the projects). Here’s a short video for those of you who want to relive this exceptional weekend – or just have a look at the atmosphere of this creative IoT […]

Brand Expérience, à vos marques : C’est tout moi

C’est un peu le leitmotiv du moment. Le constat que l’on peut faire face à un marché de la consommation atteint par un égocentrisme exponentiel du consommateur. Et au fond, à qui la faute.       Il a très vite compris que les marques l’observaient. A coup d’offres très ciblées sortant de “nulle part”, […]

Check out all the EmHackinathon projects!

Last weekend, Emakina organized its first hackathon in collaboration with Microsoft Internet of Things. 48 hours of coding, brainstorming, testing, eating, sleeping, designing, laughing frantically from exhaustion after accidentally deleting hours of work, crying on the floor, then building it all back up again while thinking about Kipling’s poem ‘If’ – and many more wonderful […]

Emakina and Asiance strategic partnership boosts brands’ online power in Asia and Europe

We are proud to announce we have concluded an exciting new partnership with our Asian leading independant agency counterpart Asiance, headquartered in Seoul. The collaboration boosts our digital service quality and reach for global customers. As cutting-edge guides in digital transformation and rich customer experiences, both companies now join forces in digital strategy and management, […]

Emakina mini-football fans unite for kickoff

Just because many Emakinians are geeks, doesn’t mean we don’t love us some sports. This is 2015 and mens sana in corpore sano still means something. Especially to people who studied latin. But that’s not the point. The point is: Emakinians love to pretend they know how to football, and they are going to have to […]

Emakina’s awesome Wingsuit totally won Digital First 2015! (video)

This year’s edition of Digital First was a huge success: more than 4,000 digital enthusiasts and professionals attended the exceptional keynotes, listened to the expert speakers, chatted with the exhibitors and generally shared their digital passion, questions and solutions with each other. But one attraction in particular captured the attention of the amazed people who […]

Emakina showcases Umbraco 7 skills for Aspex

Emakina used the latest version of the open source CMS-system Umbraco to create a new and ‘hot’ website for Aspex, part of SD Worx Group. The completely new interface and improved user friendliness maximises the possibilities of Umbraco 7. As a certified Umbraco partner, Emakina took care of the entire implementation of the new website. This experience with Umbraco 7 demonstrated the fast and to the point use of the tools this system can offer.

Le partenariat stratégique entre Emakina et Asiance décuple leur impact en ligne sur les marchés asiatique et européen

Bruxelles, Séoul, 15 octobre 2015 – Emakina, groupe indépendant majeur de la communication digitale en Europe, et son équivalent asiatique Asiance, dont le siège se trouve à Séoul, ont conclu un nouvel accord de partenariat international. Cette collaboration renforce le potentiel et la portée du service digital des deux agences. Ces deux guides privilégiés de […]

Emakina attracts strategic planner Jan Govaert

Jan Govaert trades his job at Ogilvy for a new challenge as Strategic Planner at Emakina. He joins Emakina’s strategic team in Brussels with a focus on international clients.

Brand Experience, à vos marques : le quart d’heure de retard.

En réalité on devrait parler d’années, et plus exactement de 2 ans de retard. C’est le temps de retard estimé par Ken Burke fondateur et CEO de MarketLive, que les retailers ont sur leurs consommateurs en matière de technologie.       Et cela ne va pas en s’améliorant quand on sait que les retailers […]

Six W3 Awards for Emakina

Emakina once more reaps a series of awards. This time, it takes home no less than six W3 Awards, for outstanding work in creating websites and video productions. At the 10th edition of the annual W3 awards, Emakina adds six trophies to its collection. This ceremony celebrates creativity on the web and rewards the creative […]

Senior Strategic Planner Carl De Gussem joins Emakina

We warmly welcome Senior Strategic Planner Carl De Gussem to the Emakina family! Carl joins his former creative director partner of Kitchen Agency, Véronique Hermans, as part of Emakina’s Communication team. Carl already knows Emakina well, having developed several campaigns for the team, for corporate accounts and for the European Commission. Carl De Gussem is […]

Emakina and MyWay win two Mixx Awards for black(e-)mail campaign

The humorous friendly/ aggressive MyWay black(e-)mail campaign received a Gold MIXX award from the Creative Development Jury for ‘Best Use of Bannering’. And the celebration continued with the Digital Campaign Jury joining in with a Silver award for ‘Best Digital B2C campaign’.

Brand Experience, à vos marques : Dopage à l’XP.

Ce n’est pas une nouvelle molécule pour cycliste en mal de performance. Mais le diminutif que l’on donne à l’expérience et qui mériterait de figurer en bonne place sur toutes les étagères des marketeurs.     C’est Robin Lewis, expert du retail aux Etats-Unis, qui révèle la capacité de l’expérience à faire secréter de la […]

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