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Geek, (not) a four letter word!

In contrast to the still negative term ‘nerd’, referring to the more isolated compulsive and obsessive person, with a focus on a few specific topics, geeks live in the vast open space of free imagination, hungry consumption of stories and gameplay, TV series and fun technology., with ERGO and Emakina

On the brand new website, you can stear the Belgian team to victory with both your on- and off-the-pitch advice. Long-term Red Devils sponsor ERGO and their digital agency Emakina developed this coaching-website and mobile site for all self-acclaimed football experts, who want to help the Belgian dream team to win the world cup.

The internet of things and the place of Brands: Interview with Matthieu Pascal of

If you follow the news of our agency on social networks, you may have seen our “Look at the future” video. More than just a movement, innovation is a great pool of opportunities for brands to offer their consumers new and memorable experiences. To better understand how connected bracelets, drones, smart cities, 3D printers and Google Glass can […]

We are not living a crisis but a digital transformation full of opportunities

Brice le Blévennec, CEO of Emakina says our economy is not in a crisis… it is in the middle of a digital mutation phase. What are the challenges of this transition period? How can this be a source of opportunity for companies and agencies?   Shaking the foundations of our economy Just as the invention […]

Bardinet Gastronomie met à l’honneur son portefeuille de marques dans son nouveau site conçu par Emakina

Bardinet Gastronomie a choisi Emakina pour la création de son nouveau site internet. Cette collaboration permet à Bardinet Gastronomie de faire vivre aux professionnels une réelle expérience avec chacune des marques du groupe. Leader du marché des alcools de bouche à destination des professionnels, Bardinet Gastronomie réunit des marques prestigieuses telles que Porto Cruz, Rhum […]

Le 24 juin prochain, Manuel et Carlos Diaz secouent le Ecommerce à Marseille

Avec le numérique, le cycle d’achat (de la découverte jusqu’à la livraison) est depuis plusieurs années bouleversé. Au centre de ces évolutions : les marques, qui ne doivent plus se contenter de comprendre, mais plutôt d’anticiper les attentes multi-canales de leurs consommateurs pour imaginer des expériences uniques. Pour toutes ces raisons, #SHAKE14 vous propose de partir à la rencontre […]

Emakina partenaire de la Connected Conference les 18 et 19 juin prochain

Change or die. Vous connaissez l’adage. En octobre dernier, le Gartner Group annonçait l’arrivée d’une nouvelle ère : la digital industrial economy. Une conséquence naturelle de toutes les innovations numériques que l’on a pu voir passer ces dernières années (cloud, mobile, impression 3D, objects connectés, etc) qui refondent entièrement les pans de l’économie en appelant à […]

Emakina partners with Hackers on The Runway in Paris

Where better than in Paris to discuss the future of luxury? And who’s better placed than Emakina to fuel this discussion? Hackers on The Runway 2014 in Paris takes a deep dive into relationships and growth opportunities between luxury and digital economy. And Emakina is the proud and happy partner of the event on the […]

Emakina creates Marine litter ‘Sea matters’-video for EEA

With its new production on Marine litter, Emakina continues its inspired series of videos for the European Environment Agency. The many problems emerging from the waste collecting in our seas is one of the topics the EEA focuses on in 2014. We are suffocating our seas Increasing amounts of litter end up in the world’s […]

Emakina @Vlerick: the new reality is blurry/bright

Emakina very much was part of this Vlerick marketing get-together, with participants from Emakina.BE, The Reference and Design is Dead, a key role of a colleague in the organisation, and a special interactive session plus lunch with keynote speaker Peter Hinssen.

ERGO et Emakina invitent les fans de foot à conseiller les Diables Rouges

Désormais, grâce à ERGO, les fans de foot peuvent directement donner des conseils à leur Diable Rouge favori ainsi qu’à toute l’équipe de football belge. En collaboration avec l’agence numérique Emakina, l’entreprise d’assurances ERGO Insurance (sponsor des Diables Rouges) a créé le site web Via le site web, votre tablette ou votre smartphone, vous […]

Disillusionment with social media: The Realm of the disappointed hunter

Disillusionment with social media. Several recent studies claim that social media is a poor activation vector. The diminishing reach of Facebook pages is the last nail in the coffin. That is all a fuss about nothing, that everyone went crazy over. But actually, it’s just past its time. You just need to read my piece from […]

LinkedIn and Emakina link up for HR event

LinkedIn and Emakina.CH, its Preferred Partner for Western Switzerland, held a common event on 27 May in Geneva. Some 80 HR and Communication directors from SME’s and multinationals joined in to link in real life around the possibilities of LinkedIn. The LinkedIn-Emakina event in Geneva was the place to be for HR-experts Arnaud Grobet, Director […]

Bardinet Gastronomie chooses Emakina for new brand portfolio website

Bardinet Gastronomy has chosen Emakina as its partner for the creation of its new website. With this collaboration, Bardinet Gastronomy wants to create a new highly professional experience, a rich encounter with each of its brands. As Market leader for alcohol for professional use, Bardinet Gastronomy offers a broad scope of prestigious brands, such as […]

Une stratégie de l’expérience plutôt qu’une stratégie digitale

Qu’est-ce qu’une stratégie digitale ? Pour la majeure partie des dirigeants, c’est faire en sorte que l’entreprise, et les salariés, utilisent le digital dans leur travail ; qu’ils le mettent au service de leur quotidien, qu’ils exploitent l’étendue de ses possibilités dans leurs activités. Mais un problème récurrent se pose : si l’on utilise des technologies nouvelles en […]

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