September 4, 2006

We will be your Web 2.0 Agency

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Brice Le Blévennec

If you attended our third Emakina Academy, you know that we want to be your brand guardian in the Web 2.0 universe by disseminating its content through the multiple 2.0 stamped platforms. EscapeTV perfectly reflects the way we apply this approach to our projects. Have a look at these examples :

– The EscapeTV page on MySpace

– Show opening on YouTube and Google Video

– Video bootleg on Brice’s blog

– Pictures on Flickr

– The casting announced on Scoopeo

The word of mouth around EscapeTV also provides a good illustration of how fast the blogosphere can help promote your product or your service. Here, the buzz started with a story of Canal Z / Kanaal Z (check out the FR or NL version on YouTube) about our recent IPO. The last few seconds on EscapeTV intrigued a blogger who searched for this project on the Net and found out the EscapeTV website where, by chance, we launched the first issue only a few hours before. His post resuted in an impressive blog storm (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here…) that was a huge traffic driver for EscapeTV. Today, it’s all about viral…

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