November 30, 2006

Proximus Moblogs 2.0

Posted by

Brice Le Blévennec

Yesterday, we just released the new version of the Proximus mobile blogging service we developed for Pay&Go Generation. Check out the new features:

– Sending of MMS to the moblog platform is now free of charge
– Create a slideshow to export your publish your pictures to external websites.
– Possibility to publish pictures on external websites by simple copy/paste (cf. the export of video from YouTube)
– Easier access to pictures via tags or photo gallery
– Registered on Blogger? You can directly publish pictures on your blog (at the same time as on your moblog)
– Editable header and personal icon.
– Add links to friends amongst the other moblog users.
– Refreshed look&feel.



Some ideas for a – hopefully soon – update:
– the rss feed now only contains the url and the date of the image… why not put keywords, desc etc in there as well?
– facebook integration
– twitter integration (twitpic-like behaviour)