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September 28, 2007

Keytrade Bank becomes Second Life’s first Belgian bank

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Brice Le Blévennec

After our first campaign in Second Life for Brussels Airlines, we rolled out yesterday a second innovative project in this virtual community.Thanks to Keytrade Bank, Second Life residents can now easily convert prices displayed in Linden Dollars in Second Life shops into euros. This is a global precedent for the first Belgian bank to become active in this virtual world.

As of today, Second Life residents are able to visit the Keytrade Bank island where they will receive a free currency converter. Especially designed for Second Life, this tool will allow you, in just a few clicks, to calculate the value of an amount displayed in Linden Dollars (Second Life’s official currency) in the currency of your choice: euros, dollars, yen, pound sterling etc.Second Life users often complain that prices are only displayed in Linden Dollars. Until now, users had to do the conversions themselves to find out the real value of goods or services sold in a Second Life shop. This currency converter now saves users this task, making virtual shopping easier. Moreover, the conversion is carried out in real time in relation to financial market fluctuations, no matter currency chosen.


The Keytrade Bank currency converter is a HUD (Head Up Display) which works like a traditional calculator and is permanently displayed on the game screen – there is no need to leave Second Life to use it. This HUD also offers a range of financial information which is provided by Dow Jones Newswires, a global press agency specialised in real-time financial and economic data. Furthermore, a quotation board on the Keytrade Bank island allows you to follow the daily fluctuations of the Linden Dollar in relation to te currencies of the real world (a euro is equivalent to about 378 Linden Dollars).

This project, carried out in partnership with Bluepill Group, aims to provide a real service to enrich their overall Second Life experience and to bring real value to users all over the globe, not only to Belgian residents of this virtual world.Keytrade Bank was Belgium’s first 100% Internet bank. Thanks to Emakina, it’s now the first Belgian bank to become active in the Second Life universe.

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