March 25, 2008

New website for Keytrade Bank

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Brice Le Blévennec

As the very first 100% web-based banking institution on the Belgian market, Keytrade Bank (a subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole) appointed us for a global overhaul of their website in order to improve the service segmentation and raise the visitor/customer conversion ratio. After a long work on user experience to better highlight Keytrade’s financial products and services, we launched this new version a few weeks ago. If you’re a Keytrade Bank customer, we’d be curious to get your feedback about this revamping.



The new interface of the website is really well done. Very intuitive, clean and ergonomic with no more than 7 menus and light colors. I also really like the “client logon” and “open an account” buttons located at a perfect spot to be found in less than a sec.
Now that the front interface is done, I think a job on the actual banking interface need the same kind of work because you’ll have to admit the registered interface is old fashioned and looks like it didn’t evolve since its first version in the late 90’s.

Avendre Achaineux

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