January 12, 2009

Emakina launches Web 3.0 with LiveSite Technology

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Brice Le Blévennec

The CES is over but we’re very excited to announce today a major technological breaktrough with the official release of LiveSite Technology. This new revolution means a new leap forward in user-generated content and will change the face of the Internet forever.

Over the last ten years, building a website has been the exclusive business of techie-techie specialists: developers, web designers, web architects etc. With LiveSite, all you need is a computer and a webcam. Just shoot your website with a camera and see the magic of interactivity in action (WYSIWYG approach: What You Shoot Is What You Get).

Invented by Emakina’s research labs, LiveSite Technology paves the way to a new explosion of online creativity and marks the birth of Web 3.0, a new Web without any technological hurdle, a Web by the people and for the people. ING bank is the first Belgian company who selected the LiveSite Technology solution to promote its ING Lion Deposit account at 4%. Check it out on www.ingliondeposit.com, it’s absolutely amazing.

For further information, read our official press release in French or in Dutch.


Coralie Mercier

I totally agree that the ING Lion Deposit LiveSite was absolutely amazing.


Sadly, it’s not available anymore and it seems the LiveSite has disappeared from the face of the Web.

It lives in my memory. I’d love a refresher!