February 3, 2009

Emakina launches Emakina.EU

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Brice Le Blévennec

Emakina Group today announces the creation of Emakina.EU, a new agency specialized in European and international institutions. NATO, the United Nations, and the European Commission are among its first clients.

Emakina.EU is a centre of excellence which benefits from the creative, technological and strategic expertise of the other entities of Emakina Group. This new division has its own team of experts in institutional communication who are dedicated to the needs of this type of organization.

In the last few months, we’ve won several large contracts for the NATO, the United Nations and for various Directorates General of the European Commission. Emakina.EU is thus positioned to fulfill the increasing demands of public institutions. Confronted with the multiple challenges of globalization and the building of Europe, new media are now the key form of communication between the citizen and international organizations. With Emakina.EU, we can support these international organizations efficiently with their communication issues at a pan-European level.

Mark Vanderstraeten

I do applaud Emakina’s move to focus on EU communication and setting up this new business unit.
Bringing together online core competences will definitely help EU projects & organisations achieving their aim to connect to EU citizens. Many EU stakeholders consider online communication as a sustainable key factor to achieve global communication objectives (for instance by highlighting EU presidency programs, increase MEP involvement and develop local EU awareness in the member states for the upcoming elections).
I will surely keep up on Emakina’s work for Europe and its institutions.