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May 12, 2014

New website for Global ‘Education Above All’ Foundation

Posted by Luc Malcorps

Education Above All Foundation (EAA), a global initiative of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, launched its new website, with the support of Emakina.

Education Above all 1 highlights the foundation’s vision to support progress and development through education and provides resources to stand with EAA by uniting, empowering and funding education. Full Service Digital Transformation Agency Emakina created the long-page website that combines lightness of design to service the rich content with advanced technological solutions.

The result is an emotional, immersive experience delivering fast access to all programmes, news, stories, partners and background information. It was immediately picked up by the CSS Design Awards, who awarded it its prestigious ‘Website of the Day’ label.

A well balanced state of the art website for an important cause

Emakina searched for the right balance between emotion and reason, creativity and technology, the use of visual triggers and text, and between structured information and intuitive discovery. The result is a user-friendly, dynamic, fully-responsive, long scrolling page website, with a light and fresh design combining emotional use of full screen images and video with strong content and messages.

Call-to-actions and smart transitions increase the visitor’s attention, leading to a pleasant and in-depth experience, inviting the user to discover the programmes or examine funding opportunities. Emakina’s team worked closely together with the Foundation and was in charge of the planning, information architecture, strategy and copywriting, functional and technical analysis, HTML programming and scripting, integration, testing and fine-tuning.

A broad scope of activities

An important challenge of this project was to encompass the full mission, brand and scope of activities of EAA. Working from advocacy to implementation to research, the three main programmes under the EAA umbrella had to be highlighted.

Education Above all Programmes

These are Educate A Child, a global programme to reduce the numbers of out of school children, Protect Education in Insecurity and Conflict, working for  the right to education in times of insecurity and conflict and Al Fakhoora, that secures access to education for young people in Gaza and the West Bank.

Inspire Collective Action

Deputy CEO of Education Above All Foundation, Fahad Al-Sulaiti, said: ‘We have developed the website as a means to achieve the goal of ensuring that education receives the priority it requires as an essential part of development. In addition to describing the EAA programmes, the information contained on the site will help raise awareness of the value of education, and inspire collective action to support wealth and well-being in developing and emerging countries.’

A great honour

Brice le Blévennec, CEO of Emakina commented: ‘We are very proud of this collaboration. Together, we created an attractive and efficient immersive website that shares information and emotion and creates a strong impact. The long-page style with flexible blocks, tactile navigation and fluid transitions brings home a rich experience, encouraging visitors to uncover the layers of content. But more than that, we consider it a great honour to be able to assist the EAA Foundation in its work to open up a world of education for over 57 million children, who all deserve a chance to improve their lives.’

EAA_Opening_Up_A world


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