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January 30, 2015

Emakina creates economic teamwork videos for DG ECFIN

Posted by Luc Malcorps

When the global financial crisis struck, it triggered a worldwide recession, catching Europe in a perfect storm. The Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) is at the helm of Europe’s efforts to navigate these turbulent seas and guide citizens to peaceful waters.


The directorate asked Emakina to help explain these economic challenges facing Europe in a brief way, accessible (and acceptable) to all.

In the first video, ‘Navigating stormy seas’, we are all in the same boat.
Smooth sailing requires regular maintenance, control and solidarity with each other, helping countries hit by the storm to get back on board.

DG ECFIN’s request was quite a challenge, considering the complexity of the topics involved. Also, the economic and financial crisis has dramatic consequences on the lives of so many people, making any statement a delicate exercise.

The team proposed to work with a fresh ‘flat design style’ with the metaphor of sport teams. This combination allowed for an interesting and lively palette of concepts and images, with a different sport for each question.

In ‘Climbing Higher Together’, structural reforms for growth are explained. We follow a group of mountain climbers who encounter economic, environmental, and employment challenges on their way to the summit.

Every topic is treated uniquely, with an appropriate team sport metaphor, colours and music. At the same time, the productions are one, promoting teamwork, solidarity and shared responsibility.

Football, AKA soccer, is the theme of the ‘Everyday Training’ production. Europe has created a common training programme to nurture stability and growth. We see the team during their practice session and working out in the fitness room. The video concludes with a match where we score, as skilled, agile players in the global economy.

Emakina worked intensely on the designs, creating a unified visual and audio universe. Within this framework, there is room to evolve and adapt for each production, with appropriate colours, sound and storytelling.

Europe needs stronger economic growth and more investment to boost jobs and succeed in an evolving world economy. Emakina is proud to be part of the movement, helping to share this message for the common good. United we score goals, master stormy seas, reach the top.

DG ECFIN’s three videos are now live on the Commission’s website and shared via its Facebook page.


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