August 5, 2015

Emakina Wins Gold at Deauville Green Awards

Posted by Luc Malcorps

After being honored at the International Communicator and the Horizons Awards, Emakina’s Video ‘Sea matters’ for EEA, The European Environment Agency, once more takes ‘Gold‘. This time in Deauville, at the Green Awards competition.

The production for the European Environment is a strong (but speechless) cry for help from the oceans to all citizens. The visually striking under water images, in combination with the etheric music, creates a feeling of unbalance, and at the conclusion of suffocation.

And that is precisely the issue: increasing amounts of litter end up in the world’s oceans. So, take a journey under the water of our seas and experience the threat and the silent cry for help.

The film for the European Environment Agency was nominated together with two productions from German agencies but came out on top. It is the second year in a row Emakina wins a prize at Deauville Green after the Special Award for ‘Originality of the Production’ of the Compagnie des Réals, the French Filmmakers guild for Now the Power is Yours.



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