September 7, 2015

My Way Helps Students e-Stalk Their Parents for a Car

Posted by Luc Malcorps

My Way, a D’Ieteren Group company, helps students gently ‘blackmail’ their parents into buying them a car.

MY_WAY_NL_V1How far would you go so your parents would buy you a car?

On, they can choose one of five threats to persuade their loving parents. The originality of this campaign is partly based on Google’s DoubleClick creative, ad serving and media buying technologies. These tools allow the campaign to ‘gently stalk’ the parents on the web via banners using the names of both parent and child.

A subtle harmless way to raise the topic of online privacy…

Emakina created the concept, design, development, copy and retargeting of this witty campaign. It also produced the short video clip to introduce the action.

The team used a more provocative tone than the one of its previous My Way campaigns, introducing more ‘persuasive’ arguments for parents to open up their hearts, making the ‘first car’ topic easier to broach.  For the execution of the concept, they joined forces with Semetis, My Way’s media agency, who played a part in the complex technical settings on Doubleclick.


My Way asks young people how far they would go to get their dream car, offering them a choice of five threats to tell their parents ‘I want it My Way!’. These are fictional and pretty harmless: getting a nose and navel piercing, making sushi from the goldfish or changing the Wi-Fi password.

FR_My_Way_2My Way offers 5 ways to convince parents to buy a car

The threat is then emailed to their parents. When they refuse to give in, they are ‘stalked’ with online bannering until they consider the request (or until the campaign ends). That’s a good move anyway, because the leading second-hand car dealer offers a broad range of quality second-hand vehicles, plus accessible financing.

A fresh, funny and ground-breaking ad scheme

No need to call the police; this humourous campaign
is completely legal, using highly personalized messages
displayed in ad space.

For this ground-breaking ad scheme, Emakina combined forces with the D’Ieteren team and Semetis as well as collaborating directly with Google to unlock specific functions in DoubleClick Studio, DoubleClick Ad Serving Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bidding Manager.

This campaign approach hints at the changing relationship between young adults and their parents.

When mature debate fails, provocative teenager arguments take over: e-blackmail. It also surfs on a paradigm change about how privacy is conceived in the 21st century: at the very least, kids will offer their parents a lesson about how cookies work. This becomes a win-win situation when you think about how much kids love teaching technology to their parents…

My_way_3The student fills in a form, to approach mom or dad about buying them a car

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