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March 10, 2016

EMAKINA wins Austrian e-Award for iBeacons at BILLA

Posted by Luc Malcorps

At a ceremony in Vienna’s TCenter, Emakina this week received a prestigious e-Award. The competition, one of the largest IT business awards in Austria, is held annually since of 2005. Emakina was applauded by the jury as a valuable digital transformation ambassador. The team wins the eAwards in the category industry for its client BILLA REWE International AG. The projects was executed together with as technical partner.

krobath_1©Milena Krobath/Report

BILLA iBeacons
Since the summer of 2015 BILLA customers can experience a new style of interactive shopping at eleven locations in Austria. With small iBeacons transmitters in the stores they can pick up personalized and up-to-date information on products in the store, directly on their smartphone.


The Jury was very enthusiastic about the project:

„The shopping experience of the future”
„A practical use of new technologies“
„A top opportunity for retail to show its innovative side“

In each of the 11 BILLA test branches, four iBeacons communicate with the shoppers. The iBeacons are placed at the entrance, in the deli and frozen food sections and at the cash desk. Once you have installed the BILLA App and your bluetooth is on, you receive very relevant, location-based and current content and promotions, right next to the real products you are passing.


For BILLA this project is a first test run in terms of location marketing and mobile customer communications and will be expanded in the near future.

Read more about the awards on the Report website and the announcement on the BILLA website.

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