March 11, 2016

New Emakina Video Explains the European Defence Agency in SESAR

Posted by Luc Malcorps

What’s Europe’s biggest airline, you think?
Guess what. It’s the military. With more than 11,000 aircraft currently stationed in Europe, they are Europe’s biggest airline. Europe’s armed forces operate more than 150,000 flights per year.

So logically, besides civil aviation, the military plays an important part in managing air traffic and improving use of the skies over Europe. That is why the European Defence Agency EDA thought it was time to shed some light on this important fact.

The military in the ‘Single European Sky’ and ‘SESAR’

Member States mandated the European Defense Agency to facilitate the coordination of military views and to support them in the Single European Sky and SESAR, incorporating the military in future air traffic management systems. The result of the initiatives is a close collaboration on technology, regulations and standards.


2D and 3D animation combined with real life images
‘Can you please explain?’, they asked Emakina. ‘With pleasure’, Emakina’s motion team replied. The new video ‘The military in SESAR’ is now online, and receives praise both from the military brass and leaders in the aviation industry.

The animated introduction stresses that SES and SESAR play an important role in supporting military aviation in the missions they are assigned, both in peace time and in crisis situations. More in general, they are vital in making air traffic in Europe more efficient, focusing on capacity, safety, environmental impact and cost.


I get it!
We learn about the implications for the military of The Single European Sky initiative and its technological pillar, the Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research programme SESAR. The video weaves 2D and 3D effects with a careful selection of action images of both military and civil operations. Small detailed dashboard-like effects increase the airline look and feel of the production.

One official said, with some humor, after viewing the production…

“It must have been well made, because now I really get Sesar, even more than from several presentations – even brilliant ones- I’ve seen so far. So I say, hats off to the animation team and the script writer for the content.”







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