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June 13, 2016

My Way opens car doors for students

Posted by Luc Malcorps

Empty–nest syndrome
noun emp·ty–nest syndrome \ˈem(p)-tē-ˈnest-\:
a feeling of prolonged sadness, loss, or emptiness
that is often experienced by a parent whose children
have grown up and moved away from home

With summer approaching, a whole new flock of young birds is preparing to fly off to college or universitiy, leaving their parents suddenly in an empty nest.


My Way, a major player in second hand cars in Belgium, joined forces once more with Emakina/Communication to examine this form of parental blues and create a new campaign for their brand.

Emakina/Communication now launched an original campaign, attacking the issue with a dose of humor, and serious research executed by Emakina/Insights to back it up. Besides PR efforts, the action includes activities on social networks, a mini site and a striking video in Dutch and French, showing parents who react strangely after their son left home…

The survey conducted by Emakina/Insights clearly indicated that no less than one in three parents is afraid to be abandoned when their offspring leaves home to study. 15% of parents consider offering a car for their child when it begins its studies away from home. Another remarkable finding:  85% of parents is worried about all that could happen on campus. Alcohol and drug problems concerned over 1 parent in 3 while fears of less healthy food habits on campus stressed 11%.


My Way has a win-win solution

During their children’s studies, especially during exams, parents are often asked to play cab driver, creating multiple frustrations.

Gerda Vermeir, Marketing Manager at My Way sums it up:
“We believe parents are increasingly inclined to offer their children a car. And second hand vehicles are a clever option, since you do no necessarily have to spend a lot of money. As a result, students win the freedom and mobility they seek while parents can quietly keep their children at home a little longer.”


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