September 22, 2017

Emakina Group 2017 Half-Year Results Show Growth in Sales

Posted by Luc Malcorps

Did you know Emakina Group is quoted on Alternext Brussels?

You can find us under the label ALEMK, and today the group announced its half-year results for 2017. For the first two quarters of 2017, the message (with the French version as the official one) states that the group recorded an income of EUR 39,508,000, up 2.4%; and an EBITDA of EUR 2,474,000, down 4.7%.

More details are made available in the financial news section on the group’s website. And you can read the full report via this link.

Some key events of the first half of 2017

Numbers are one thing, but they only mirror the creativity, passion skills and business stamina of a growing group of talented experts, great clients and partners making it all possible…

1. New business
In 2017, new national and international clients chose an Emakina Group agency as their partner. These included, among others: Austrian Standards, Axa Insurance, Bank Delen, Boucheron, Carrera, Codeta Casino, Gaastra, Intersport, Jacob Holm, Konica Minolta, Makro, Mondi, Red Bull Media House, Renault Nissan, Samsonite.

2. Acquisition
In January 2017 Emakina acquired 100% of the capital in the Swedish agency Doe Blomberg Gottberg (DBG). This agency has a workforce of 15 and has won the Swedish ‘Communication Agency of the Year’ award three times. This transaction strengthens Emakina’s presence in Scandinavia, where it now has over 30 colleagues.

3. Internationalisation
Sales outside Belgium increased by almost 10% over the first half of 2017 and now account for 61% of the consolidated income for the first half of 2017, compared with 57% in 2016.

4. Integration and process
In 2017, Emakina Group has continued to invest in integration and synergies within its network, particularly in Austria. Emakina Group has also strengthened its teams so as to speed up the deployment of joint management platforms. The organisation of regular coordination and training meetings at group level is also a priority so as to improve the sharing of respective know-how, available resources and technologies.

5. Talents
Talent is the cornerstone of Emakina Group’s success. Attracting and retaining talented individuals are key objectives for all the managers, while maintaining a correct balance between the skills required by clients and the need to keep costs under control. This subtle balance remains an art in a constantly evolving technological context.

6. Partnerships
Through its commercial partners, Emakina Group continues to offer its clients a wide geographic scope combined with in-depth local knowledge: Asiance (Korea); Bubblegum (Spain); Domino (Italy); Metia (Great Britain, United States and Singapore); and SinnerSchrader (Germany).

Is this your cup of tea?

Want to read more about the growth in activities, profit, and the positive net result? Want to learn about the EBITDA (that’s ‘Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation and Amortisation)?
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