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October 10, 2017

Emakina.NL Expands to New Amsterdam Offices

Posted by Luc Malcorps

Congratulations to our colleagues of Emakina.NL!
The team managed by Seth van der Maas and Sjoerd van Gelderen has expanded into their new offices in Amsterdam’s Western harbor area. Dedato Designers and Architects created the stunning new ‘Golden building’ at Danzigerkade 4.

Emakina’s growing Dutch team uniting over 130 talents already feels at home in their new surroundings. They enjoy fine views over the Amsterdam Houthavens docks, while creating top notch digital answers to their clients’ market and business needs.

MD’s Seth and Sjoerd: ‘The growth in our business attracted many extra talents to our agency, and this meant we simply had outgrown our old workplace.
Our new base is strategically located and gives us more than 2000 m2 of space, in line with our ambitions. We are ready to shape Emakina’s growth ambitions, and welcome aboard the extra colleagues we need to make it happen.

Sjoerd van Gelderen (left) and Seth van der Maas (right) welcome their guests

The official opening on 21 September of the new residence was a remarkable event. Customers, partners and friends received previews of some of the “digital waves” that are coming at us.

The “Catch your next wave” event program featured a future-oriented talk by author and speaker Mats Lewan. The team added inspirational experiences in e-commerce, AI, blockchain, VR and AR… new realities that will drive the future of business and society.

Of course the party was the perfect occasion to ask Emakina’s very own voice controlled bartender A.L.F.R.E.D. to serve you a heavenly cocktail. Or to join Emakina’s experts who showed a series of trendy playful inventions, from voice controlled interfaces to artificial intelligence tools, from a startling HoloLens experience to the fun panoramic selfie app.

So… Are you ready for your next wave?



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