May 16, 2019

Tim Wolfs Returns to Emakina.BE as New Co-MD

Posted by Luc Malcorps

Tim Wolfs and Pierre Pôlet, the new co-CEO tandem leading Emakina.BE.

Emakina warmly welcomes back Tim Wolfs to its Brussels team. As an experienced interactive marketing expert, he will boost the user agency’s sales and management team.

Tim joins Pierre Pôlet as co-MD

After three years as Chief Digital Officer for Altavia Europe, Tim Wolfs joins MD Pierre Pôlet at the head of the ‘User Agency’. His main focus will be on sales, while supervising strategy, creativity and marketing.

Emakina strengthens its position in the market with the return of Tim Wolfs as its new co-MD.

Tim is a pragmatic agency leader with extensive people management and sales experience. With his return, Emakina further confirms its ambition to build solid bridges between its clients and their end users, the real battleground of today’s economy.

A marketing partner beyond digital expertise

Tim Wolfs: ‘In my new contacts with Emakina, I was impressed by the agency’s growth as a marketing partner beyond digital expertise. And by the talent it unites under one roof. More than ever, Emakina delivers powerful multichannel support, fueled by creativity and marketing know-how. Based on insights and strategic thinking, Emakina teams up with its clients to really connect them with their end users, and that’s what it’s all about.’

‘Really connect our clients with their end users: that’s what it’s all about’, says Tim Wolfs

Broad experience

Tim Wolfs’ experience ranges from business needs through implementation, always focused on the best possible and most efficient solution for the client. He joined Emakina in 2005, managing accounts like Wrangler, Electrabel, Belgacom, and Brussels Airlines. He continued as Director of Marketing Services, lead the Interactive Marketing team, to then focus on digital strategy, innovation and transformation for a global client.

Now he’s back at Emakina, after his three-year excursion as Chief Digital Officer Europe at Altavia. For this global retail marketing leader he managed in innovation and digital transformation projects for international retail companies.

A gateway to touch end users

Pierre Pôlet, MD of Emakina.BE: ‘It’s great to welcome Tim back at Emakina, as my co-MD. We both see technology as a gateway to touch end users, to understand and interact with them along each micro-moment of truth. Tim is the right man to guide Emakina and its clients forward in that direction.’

Strategic vision, no-nonsense and result-driven

Brice Le Blévennec, CEO of Emakina Group, concludes: ‘This is excellent news. Tim combines a clear strategic vision with a no-nonsense and result-driven style. As a result, he has become a trusted adviser of senior management in multi-national companies. This matches with our group’s DNA and ambitions.’

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