September 17, 2020

New coronaproof certification wave boost Emakina.BE’s Salesforce skills

Posted by Luc Malcorps

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Emakina further rolled out its Marketing Automation roadmap over the summer with a second Salesforce Certification wave of the year. This intense sprint added 6 extra Salesforce certified Emakinians to the Brussels based teams. They boost the agency’s Salesforce expertise, as Marketing Cloud Admin and Salesforce Pardot Specialist. The new graduates proudly join their 13 certified colleagues from the agency’s February certification.

MA 2.0

Tim Wolfs, MD of Emakina.BE is pleased with this success: “Congratulations to our new Emakina certified Salesforce experts. Marketing Automation is vital for adding value for our clients and boosting their businesses. This second wave of Salesforce certifications in 2020 once more strengthens our position as a trusted expert partner in reaching that goal.”

Emakina considers next-level marketing automation as a key element for its clients’ business growth. Its team follows the credo that Marketing Automation must transform into MA 2.0. As the User Agency, Emakina is focused on showing in real-time how it contributes to more meaningful positive and efficient user experiences that serve the business objectives of our clients in style. 

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Unlike Emakina’s February Salesforce Certification wave,
this second wave went ‘Corona proof online’

Continuous training, a must to stay ahead

Emakina initiated a training roadmap for 2020, to grow the knowledge and expertise of its technology expert teams. A range of tailored initiatives followed, from Marketing Automation-workshops and strategic brainstorms on existing clients or prospects to intensive training sessions for leading platforms, naturally including Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The setting for this second Salesforce Certification wave was very different: the training and exam sessions were all Corona-proof online, allowing participants to join in from their home office.

But the result is the same… with the 2 successful Salesforce certifications waves in 2020 Emakina highlights its focus on guiding clients in their business growth by implementing Marketing Automation as a cornerstone to adding value to their business.

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New times require new IT skills

Over the last years, many marketers have created or expanded their digital ecosystem, giving rise to new challenges. organizations now need to integrate and fine tune separate data and communication silos into lean and clever user-friendly systems.

The Corona pandemic further increases the need for streamlined user experiences and e-commerce, leveraging Marketing Automation. One example is email marketing, which needs to shift towards real-time multichannel communication, instead of using historical data as its fuel.

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Marketing Automation today has become vital in successful user experiences

Now more than ever Marketing Automation experts must unleash the power of platforms like Salesforce to improve campaign effectiveness and multiply personalized and meaningful user experiences. With these certifications, Emakina stays on top of the wave, riding it to success for its clients!

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